EZPZapps I love creating, inventing, and designing.
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I develop software, but more importantly, I design and build complete systems.
  • Web based, Windows, OS X, Linux solutions
  • Software products designed for the consumer
  • Business software for enhancing operations and sales
  • Cost effective systems for internet sales
  • Multimedia training and testing applications
These are only examples and not limits of what I can do and have done.
Top 30 finalist in the LeWeb 2008 Startup competition. LeWeb is Europe's largest web conference.

Desk Doctor is a medical system for prevention and rehabilitation of upper body musculoskeletal conditions. Desk Doctor is cross-platform and features 100 videos and 15 video guided medical tests.

The Taylor for President 1996 campaign hired me to manage Internet presence. Among the services I provided were web page construction, digitizing television commercials for internet use, releasing policy statements online, and training staff on Internet use.

When National Westminister Bank wanted it's successful 'Face 2 Face with Finance' put into web page format I took on the challenge. The software version's graphics and text were transposed and adapted for web page deployment.

Dover Flexo, a United States manufacturer of transducer equipment, hired me to simplify the ordering process their clients were using. I produced a web based tool for determing force measured in Newtons that would enable purchasers to easily choose the correct product. I also developed a Windows desktop application for the same purpose.

Onecopy.com, an American Internet start-up that sold over 3,000 magazine titles in subscription and single copy form. I produced a database that would update onecopy.com's inventory and then upload hundreds of new web pages automatically. I also set up a secure server payment system, mailing label program, communications applications and several other tools for the onecopy.com system.
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